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Trendy Women's Clothing for a Night of Partying

Going out to party is something that many women love to do. Along with the fun it brings comes the importance of always looking hip and trendy with regard to the women's clothing you plan on wearing for an ecstatic night. The sad thing about fashion though is what you may consider as stylish today might no longer be for tomorrow. To add, some women buy new outfits just for partying only to realize that after two or three months, they are already out of style.

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2010 RTW Illusion Beaded Strapless Mini Dress Profile Photo

When going on a hunt for party clothes, women should not only think about the newest style but also her size and the necessary accessories that are best worn with the party attire. If you have carefully chosen your clothes for the party, there's a big chance that you'll enjoy the festivity even more and needless to say, become the talk of the hot guys at the bar.

Look Sexy with Slits, Bare Backs and Strapless Mini Dresses

Many women choose mini dresses. They almost always come in handy during party time. A simple bare back dress or that which has a sexy spaghetti strap is usually fine. Other women like to extend the sexiness by going for strapless mini dresses, most especially if they have the best shoulders to show off. Moreover, dresses with side slits are also good for those who are proud of their thighs. Select any kind of color from black to light tones and even the shiny-looking dresses, which never fail in turning heads your way. The advantage of wearing these kinds of dresses is that they are staple party dresses that usually don't fade with time. And so, you need not worry about being out of style.

Conservative ladies can use boots to cover up some skin. They can also bring with them their shawl, not only for extra covering, but for them to use it in case of cool indoor and outdoor conditions. Try wearing them over your shoulders before you set out for the party. This way, you can assure yourself that it fits perfectly to the color tone of your dress and lessen the risk of being ridiculed by your girlfriends at the bar.

Camisoles and Jeans Simply Won't Die

Trendy women also wear clothes that simply fight its way from the non-fashionable wardrobe list. One of these is the camisole. There's a big chance that more than 75% of all ladies in the world have camisoles in their closets. Made in varying lengths, fabrics, designs and colors, this piece of clothing can be worn at the club and even at some semi-formal to formal events given the correct mini jacket add-on. Some also use scarves to cover the extra skin when wearing camisoles at formal gatherings. But at the club, women often go wild wearing them and they are always event-appropriate.

Like camisoles, jeans are also stubborn. They have been in the fashion industry for decades already. They have this resilience that makes them the staple casual dress down garments that can fit in many types of occasions, including parties. Explorative and bold women shine the most wearing denim skirts. Just make sure that you're comfortable wearing them especially if you want to dance. Overall, always use your creativity when using these women's clothing for your festive night outs.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tips on Choosing a Sweet Wedding Dress

The excitement behind the wedding dress phenomenon is something most women undergo. It is the one special day of their life they have been waiting for and as such, when the time is right they go through great measures in order to be able to find wedding dresses that they have always pictured themselves in.

When it comes to choosing between wedding dresses, two things play an important part. One being, the visionary sense you have and what you have always imagined your wedding dress to be and the other being what suits your body type. This of course is the more realistic approach, and being able to combine your thoughts with what's available will certainly ensure that your wedding dress is truly unique. The idea behind selecting a fine wedding dress is that it should make you feel, that this particular design and fit was meant specifically for you, let it be unique in every aspect.

Pink and black stripe wedding ball gown from Barbie Bridal Have my cake and eat it - Pink princess ball gown with giant bow from Barbie

Wedding dresses are available in varied colors, patterns and lengths. What you select is certainly a matter of personal opinion. One thing you should be attentive towards when it comes to selecting wedding dresses is that you shouldn't always depend on a second or third opinion entirely. When selecting through wedding dresses ensure that you take along a really close friend or relative who understands just what you need, because eventually it's your big day, so choose just as you please.

You can look for patterns from scores of magazines or even online. There are zillions of pattern available and even cutting and stitching tips. You can use these tips to get yourself just the pattern you have been contemplating. If you are working with a renowned designer, you can let them know just what you have been thinking of and let them do the professional bit. The good part being, professionals know a lot more in this field and will be able to give you just the right advice.

Armed with your specific design, it's truly like conquering the world. It's not necessary that you need to go the traditional white dress. Times have changed and there's no stigma attached to wearing a colored wedding dress. It's not like earlier wear specific shades of wedding dresses denoted an underlying meaning. This included pronouncing that it's your second wedding, or a pregnancy status. If you are fond of the color pink, or lemon yellow, maybe even sky blue, you can happily wear your preference.

You can pick up your wedding dress from the numerous wedding dresses stores itself. Here you have an added advantage of actually trying out many dresses. There are so many designs and patterns on the racks, so you can take a good look at each of them and try the ones that you think are nice. This way you can finalize, just what you like and if you want make alterations to a particular design itself. The good thing about trying on the dresses gives you a real feel of the wedding dress rather than counting on wedding dress concepts.

Once you have picked and finalized a design, the store can create just what you need, and you'll certainly need to make a few more trips in regards to alterations and last minute touch ups. Wearing sample-wedding dresses gives you a real picture of the weight of the dress too. This will help you determine how much layering and frills you would want because you surely don't want to be weighed down by the dress.


Once you have finalized amongst the wedding dress at your disposal, you can start looking for a well matched, veil, gloves, shawls and tiara. All of these accessories are not an absolute necessary when it comes to wearing a wedding dress, but it certainly compliments your dress. You need not have to head to a wedding dresses store if you have a family member who is in the wedding business because they would surely be able to tailor your needs perfectly. If you choose to order your wedding dress from exquisite high end stores located at remote facilities, make sure you have adequate time in hand between the big day and the date you receive your dress on. This will give you enough time to make alterations if need be.

If you are not in the mind frame to buy a new wedding dress, then you can approach a wedding dress store regarding wedding dresses rentals. Along with the dress you can even rent jewellery and accessories. This is a great option because on a realistic note, your wedding dress is a onetime affair and it certainly costs money. Whatever your wishes are for this big day, you never have to compromise on your wedding dress needs, be it a new purchase or rental option. So go on and look like the pretty princess on your big day and feel the real happiness.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How Finding Perfect Women's Shoes | Sweet Clothes

Shoes are a staple in a woman's wardrobe. You can never have enough shoes! You need shoes for each season of the year; you need shoes for different occasions; you need shoes to wear around the house; and you need shoes for every outfit. And no matter what your weight, you can always find a pair of shoes to make you feel wonderful and chase away the blues!

This article provides tips on finding your perfect shoes. Your perfect shoes will depend on a number of factors. Your body type decides what type of shoes you should avoid or prefer. Your clothes will help you select the best pair from what you have in the closet. You need to match shoes with occasion. You cannot wear the same shoes for to work and a party. Finally, if the shoes are not comfortable, it can create many problems for you in the long run.

Body Type and Your Shoes:

When you select shoes a few things depend on your body type and let's discuss them first. For short women, the 2-3 inches heel shoes work best. Very high heels can make you look off balance. Use the rest of the outfit to elongate, by toning shoes to stockings and skirt or to socks and trousers. Match the tone of top to bottom for even more height. If you have thick ankles and heavy calves, sling backs are the most flattering style. Knee high boots are also nice choice. Shoes that are too chunky or too delicate will make your legs look heavier. Avoid square toes, stiletto heels, wedges and platforms. If you have thick calves, avoid mid calf boots. If you long feet, the pointy shoes will make your legs look longer. An oval or squared toe works best for such shoes. Shape of the heels should match the shape of your body. If you are heavy, a skinny stiletto will exaggerate your weight. Thicker heel style is better option.

Here are the few pointers on how to match clothes with shoes:

1. Very long and very short skirts look better with lower heels.

2. Narrow pants look best with lower heels.

3. The heavier the shoe, the more casual it becomes.

4. When worn with a skirt, a high cut shoe can make the leg appear heavier and shorter. Wear high cut shoes with pants.

5. Usually a shoe should be the same color family as your outfit, but not an exact match.

6. Black is too heavy for lighter tones outfit and cut the leg length

7. White shoes are very stark and create break in the line of your leg. Try cream or ivory.

7. You can elongate the appearance of your legs by matching the tone of the hose to shoes. Matching hose to a brightly colored shoe is too much color and opt for skin colored hose.

Comfortable Shoes

Shoes comfort depends on three primary factors: the fitting, design, and material.

Fitting: When you buy a few pair of shoes, we know what size fits us well for different shoes brands. I would suggest to pay attention to both the size and the width of the shoes. For example, try 7B versus the 7 1/2 A.

Design: Depending on your height, the recommenced heel height that will make you feel comfortable is different. In general shorter and heavier the person, it becomes difficult to wear heels above two inches. If you want to wear heels more than two inches, do it in moderation. The kitten heels and Louis heels are good options for high heels shoes.

Material :Shoes chose made of breathable material so your feet gets the oxygen it needs, soft and flexible fabrics and leather to allow it greater freedom of movement, and a flexible and cushioned sole.

Shoes comfort is important for all types of shoes. gives extra weight on comfort, quality, and performance for sports shoes as an inappropriate shoes can cause injury.

Trendy Shoe Styles

The most flattering shoe heels are the slim. While slim all around is best, you can have some width when looking at it from the back and still achieve leg-lengthening effect. A tapered toe gives the slimmest look. If pointed toes are too uncomfortable, look for an oval or squared off shape. Thin sole creates the most slimming shoe. When looked at from the side, the sole should be thin no more than an eighth of an inch.

How Finding Fashionable Replica Handbags?

Fashionable replica handbags are one of the most talked about items amongst women world over. The one place to find fashionable replica handbags is the internet. Whether you want to buy a particular fake handbag or you want to purchase them in large quantities. The internet is full of sites that sell fashionable fake handbags.

Women love fashion and they follow the fashion trends of the celebrities. They want to have the handbags the celebs carry. Well celebrities do not pay for the handbags they carry. The fashion designers present the handbags to them. They know when women see their favorite star carrying a handbag they will want to buy them. These fans cannot afford the prices of those handbags. Therefore, the option left for them is to find a fake handbag.

Replica handbags sold in stores will have to worry about patents and copyrights. However, the internet has brought a completely new dimension to that. Other than replica handbags, imitation items can be easily found on the internet. There are literally thousands of fashionable fake handbags sellers advertising their wares on the internet. Some even offer cash-back offers. Manufacturing of these replica bags takes place in Far East. China has become a leading supplier in this regard. In fact, some of the replica handbags are so good that even handbag experts cannot tell the difference. These manufacturers are good at making imitation replica handbags. The material, the craftsmanship and the detailing is so good that it is very difficult to differentiate between a genuine fashionable handbag and the replica.

What is attracting a large number of customers to replica handbags is their availability. A search on the internet reveals sites that deal with specific fashion houses handbags. You can search for imitation handbags by designer. Spending less than two hundred dollars to get an imitation handbag appeals to a number of women. Therefore, the replica handbags business flourishes. Women who cannot afford or do not want to spend a small fortune on a handbag can now buy a dozen imitation handbags. In all honesty, if a woman is walking down the street with a genuine designer handbag or an imitation handbag, who can tell the difference? Hardly anyone!

The fashion houses are trying their best to stop the sale of fake handbags. However, their efforts have failed. On the other side, those selling fake handbags are flourishing and growing in numbers. In fact the competition among the fake handbags makers is flourishing. The more competitive they become the better quality fake handbags the customers get.

Women who buy fake handbags are quite astonished at the top quality fake handbags they get. This lures them to purchase more of them. In addition, they order matching shoes and other fake accessories.

Tips on choosing handbags | Sweet Clothes

There are several types of handbags available on the market today. And there is a good reason for this. Different women require different sizes of handbags; some require multiple handbags for all kinds of occasions, while others prefer to keep it simple and own only one handbag. And, of course, the designs women want for their handbags differs, style must be suited to compliment a woman's personal taste and her sense of style.

Personally, I require a daily handbag large enough to fit a book (because you never know where you're going to surprisingly end up stuck with nothing to do). However, I also like to have a handbag that I can wear on my shoulder to a formal event, not a bag that looks like an everyday handbag--but something with a little class and elegance. I have even bought handbags in sizes in between, because they were nice-looking or more professional looking (and still large enough to squeeze a small paperback into).

The most famous designer handbags are always the impressive and most expensive handbags, however they are virtually always the highest quality handbags as well. If you need a high quality handbag, and you have the means, designs handbags are well made, high quality and therefore long lasting. On the other hand, also many imitation designer handbags, these handbags look great and can last as long as the designer handbags of which they are knockoffs. Thus, when you choose an imitation designer handbag, you will save money and loose nothing but that tiny, designer brand-name label.

If you want many types of handbags for different, occasions, as I do, you may want to look out for regular handbags that are also well made, cheaper, and made in a plethora of different, attractive designs. It has been said that a woman's handbag should always match her shoes. But with more generic or inexpensive handbags, because there are many more designs to choose from than even designer handbag companies can offer, you can even purchase handbags that will match your entire outfit perfectly--not just your shoes--this gives you a very impressive overall look.

A great way to purchase handbags is online. You can view everything from designs handbags to discount handbags right from the convenience of your own home. Do not go looking around from store to store when you can see a much larger selection online anyway. This way you can pick the handbag that best suits your needs as well as your personal taste much more quickly and efficiently.

Almost all handbags are designed with different pockets for cell phones, wallets and more, so you can sort your things and shop or access the items in your handbag without having to dig around.

Find the very best handbag for you, and you will be proud to show off your purchase--one that reflects your personal taste and helps accentuate the real you!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Clothes | 20's Fashion in Today's Trends

Adult Sexy Black 20s Flapper Costume

It's Halloween and you are all ready to roll. This year you have decided to go as a flapper. You've set your hair in tight, neat finger waves, and pulled your garter up your leg, which is still exposed under the extremely short hemline of your boxy, shimmy dress. You take a look at yourself in the full-length mirror and stop to think for a moment. Just a decade before the flapper Charlestoned the night away on the dance floor, women had their knees hidden under layers of material. Arms covered in yards of fabric were certainly not bare and free to move to the jazzy beats to come in the age of the Speakeasy. So how did this most sexy of Halloween costumes come to be? What is behind the shapeless, short, shift dress you see reflected in the mirror before you?

• Accessibility. The information age had officially begun. Vogue and Vanity Fair were in circulation picturing the latest fashion trends. Women found themselves fantasizing about wearing clothes just like they had seen in the magazine. Most wonderful of all was that this clothes was actually accessible. It was the Roaring 20's. Times were good and fabrics were available. Most convenient of all was that this clothes was extremely easy to make - boxy shapes with very little tailoring. Women found themselves with the necessary skills, funds, and know-how to create a sexy flapper dress in their own home.

• Rebellion. Literally yards upon yards of fabric went into women's clothing before the turn of the century. On top of all that material, or rather underneath, was a garter, a bust-enhancing device designed to restrict a woman's breathing to a shallow whisper. But the 1920's saw important changes that included the woman's right to vote. That made the ladies stop and breathe... or at least they tried to... and then they untied their garters and took the deepest most freeing breath to date. Dresses lost almost all structure. Gone were cinched waists and in were flat chests. The fellas still got an eyeful with a whole lot of rarely-before-seen skin.

• Sports. You may wonder what sports have to do with the flapper dress. They have everything to do with its freedom of movement. Tennis, golf, swimming... women of the 20's were expressing their athleticism and needed more comfortable clothing in which to do so. The trends of the decade reflected this trend in women's sport. You can't hit a backhand down the line with a garter that physically splits your upper and lower body into two. Those restrictions had to go; and as a result, women became fitter and healthier. An athletic body was in, and the flapper dress was the perfect way to display it.

So on this Halloween, wear that sexy flapper costume proudly. It's far more than a little dress. It is a socio-economic fashion statement that inspired women to burn their bras and train to become world-class athletes in the decades to follow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sweet Clothes Girls | Tips Dressing For Christmas

Christmas day is a time of celebration when the whole family gets together to spend quality time with each other, eating, drinking and being merry. The amount of food and drink, sweets and Christmas pudding that is consumed within a matter of hours means that you need to dress comfortably otherwise you will spend the entire day wishing you had not worn trousers with a button fastening!

Choosing the right outfit for every member of the family is easy when you think about everything you do on Christmas day and how you normally like to dress.

Father- Men like to be comfortable, in fact they take pleasure in undoing the top button after they have eaten too much. For this reason there is no need to make any special arrangements over the outfit of the man at Christmas, just make sure that they have a couple of layers on so they can undress as the meat sweats take over.

Mother- For women it can be a nightmare dressing for Christmas day. We want to look smart, like we have lost weight, stylish and trendy, but secretly we wish we could pop in a comfy velour tracksuit and settle down to our turkey and tatties. Wearing a dress means that you can wear something loose fitting over your stomach helping you to be comfortable after dinner. However by teaming it with a gorgeous pair of shoes and some festive bling you can smarten up a casual dress.

Daughter- Girls party dresses are designed with Christmas day in mind. They are smart, stylish, colourful and comfortable, if only they made dresses like that for ladies! Pinks, reds and blacks are popular colours and you can dress it with tights and baby ugg boots or pumps depending on which your daughter prefers.

Son- Little boys do not care if their bellies are bulging, they will always want to be active and moving around. This means that you need to dress them in comfortable clothing that is flexible, whilst looking smart enough for the grandparent's approval. A long sleeved top or shirt under a knitted vest is a good choice for the top half and smart enough to be teemed with jeans. Elastic waist bands make the trousers comfy and they are sure to be more popular than a pair of smart trousers in the eyes of your son.

Follow this advice on Christmas day and you should be cool, calm and comfortable through dinner, the Queen's speech and the traditional showing of the snowman in the afternoon. These tips are designed to help you look smart and stylish whilst remaining relaxed, no mean feat on December 25th!