Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All About Jewelry Wholesalers

So you have finally decided to establish your own online fashion jewelry business. It might have been that day when you woke up and said to yourself that you want to join to business. But are you really ready to start one? Sure, you might have all the skills, but do you have the resources for high-quality jewelry? And what about shipping, as well?

Ask yourself this question: Should I take the risk?

Your would-be answer highly depends on your own capabilities. If you think that you can produce jewelry that would meet your buyer's demands, then by all means, go for it. You should have full dedication to your business. However, if you think that you should offer more jewelry, then why not try wholesale jewelry sellers and drop-shippers?

Switching your online business from your own hand-crafted jewelry to sourcing jewelry from wholesalers might be a hard choice - especially when it comes to choosing the right wholesale online seller. If you are clueless as to how these things work, then consider these tips:

Scout for online jewelry wholesalers or drop-shippers which have good feedback and reviews. You can usually find these in the internet through blogs and forums. In addition to that, you can always ask other sellers as to which online wholesalers are trustworthy and reliable.
Consider drop-shipping as your option. This process relieves you from the hassles of storing wholesale jewelry in your home and then shipping goods to your customers. You pay your supplier the wholesale amount, and you get to keep the profits from your customer. Your supplier would then ship the items straight from them. If you are unsure, you can always try to order a few samples for you so you can estimate the time and the quality of your would-be goods.
Always establish a good contact with your jewelry wholesaler. By having a good relationship with them, you can even score more discounts - that means more profit and revenue for your online store!
Of course, you can still retain to make your own handcrafted jewelry as a supplement to the jewelry that you get from your online wholesalers. Remember, if you like something that you do, then it is not considered as work at all. Always keep in mind that wholesalers and drop-shippers always try to give you the best price so that you can add to their prices and ensure a good margin with your jewelry.

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